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Check Trains between stations for reservation booking

Planning for a long trip on the train? check out the number of trains and timings between the source and destination stations for your travel plan. You need to login anywhere, simply filling the form and look up for the number of available trains. #TrainsBetweenStation

There are thousands of Railway stations in India. Once you’ve decided your journey location, the next big thing is to find the train that’s connecting between two stations.

There can be a number of trains between your chosen location and based on type (express, superfast, etc.), and timing (morning, evening, night) you can choose best suitable for your convenience.

I generally prefer traveling in the night time if it’s 12-14 hours journey. For more than 15 I choose day journey for scenic views and comfort.

Getting back to searching between stations, all you need is to select the Date of Journey, Source and Destination station. If you’re sure about the journey, just enable the Flexible with date check box.

It’s always good to have a backup plan. In any unforeseen reason if you missed a Train A, then you’ll always have a Train B to catch. So keep note of next train and it’s timing very handy.

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